Delete Delete!

I’m tossing up a quick note on here for a couple reasons:
1, to get used to the idea that a blog can be an ok place to put quick notes, that posts don’t have to be over-thought for months and never posted, and
2. to mention that I am about done with Twitter. I don’t trust Musk as far as he can roll in a burning Tesla, and I abhor the idea that he might reinstate Der Gropenf├╝rer. I’m afraid lazy, click-bait oriented media will revert right back to hanging onto and publishing every ill-planned tweet instead of reporting, and as we saw between 2105 & 2020, that was a measurably bad thing for media and the state of America.

I will still be around in other places! I will be here, and am going to experiment with leaving comments open for a bit on posts, unless the spam gets unbearable. I’m on Metafilter! I’m on Flickr! I’m on Facebook. If I know who you are on FB, I will accept your friend request. I’m on MLTSHP though not much lately – hope to pick some steam back up there. I’m on Bandcamp! Buy from and support independent music.

I am also out here in the real world, doing real world stuff, like working 10 hours a day, playing bass in The Coffee Sergeants, occasionally caving, and taking pictures of stuff. Meet me out here in the flesh sometime – it’s nice outside.