Music has been my second career for 20 years. I bought my first bass at age 12, in 1974, and spent the next 15 years performing in original bands, with varying amounts of success. "Unsigned Band Member," however, is a dead-end career path, and in 1989, I formed a hard rock cover band with three old friends, and we spent the next ten years recouping our losses. Along the way, I spent many hours in recording studios, and have done a fair amount of session work, playing bass on various local projects, as well as my own original sessions. I also spent some time as a live and studio sound engineer during the 1980's, and am slowly acquiring a computer-based home recording rig. I'll get around to making this page look decent sooner, or later (updated 2-03-02)

The New Phone books are here! I'm Somebody I'm Somebody! (my listing) Hey, it ain't much, but it's something. It's actually just a reference to two tracks I recorded for Iain Matthews' Pure and Crooked album in 1990.

Other the Cat, my most recent project was a studio band formed for the purpose of contributing two songs to an XTC fan tribute album, titled King for a Day, released Oct. 2003. We recorded two songs at Austin's Congress House studio, with Mark Hallman at the helm.

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Listen to and download MP3's at the new
Other the Cat page.

Was a short-lived band of mine in 1990 and 1991. The Hurlo Thrumbo page features posters, photos, a bio and 3 recently restored songs, as well as gig and session info.

The Whore$ were another of my bands from the 1980's which never got quite off the ground. We recorded 5 songs in 1986, one of which was pressed on the compilation album "Class of '86" (sorry-- literally, the only on-line reference I could find of the album is in the Library of Congress database) on Glitch Records. The other 4 were never mixed, and last fall, I finally had the 24 track tapes recorded via Protools to hard disk, and have been slowly mixing them down to stereo over the last few months.

The Whore$ Page
is very much under construction, and I will be adding the songs one at a time until all five of them are done.

Mystery Train
was a one-off project I threw together for the sake of recording Astronomy Domine, by Pink Floyd. I recently rescued the tape from obscurity when I found a digital backup on VHS, and had it transferred to hard disk.

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