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The Coffee Sergeants Austin Psychedelic band. Kerry Bowman has always been one of my favorite Austin songwriters, and he's a durn nice guy, too.

The Hillbilly Winos. Found these guys, of all places, on the Mac News Network message board. solid indie alt-country act from Chicago.

The Letterpress Opry is another roots/Americana band I stumbled upon surfing recently. Order their album from CD Baby, too.

Corruption is King Can you believe-- Our kids play together in the Deet Deet La-La's.

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For your enjoyment:
The three songs that were cut from Thomas Dolby's first album The Golden Age of Wireless when it was hastily repackaged to make room for She Blinded Me With Science after it became a radio hit. With these three songs (a 14 MB Zip file containing 160 Kbps MP3s) plus your CD, you can now re-create the original track order of the American vinyl release:

Side One
1. Europa and the Pirate Twins
2. Flying North
3. Weightless
4. Leipzig
5. Windpower

Side Two
1. Commercial Breakup
2. Urges
3. Airwaves
4.Radio Silence
5. Cloudburst at Shingle Street

Note: I slightly amended my note about the Dolby CD, deliting "as the artist intended it" after recieving this helpful and informative email from Tim in Belgium: I am now actively, desperately even, seeking pre-"blinded me" CD copies of either Dolby's first British or American releases.

Hey Chris,

Love your posts on Chalkhills man, but you may have opened Pandora’s box with the one about Dolby’s missing tracks.

First, as others have probably told you, the original 7” single “Urges/Leipzig” was actually produced by our man Andy Partridge, so that might account for a little more than a cabasa. I own the 7” myself, being a Dolby and (obviously) XTC fan.

Second, on to the Wireless debate! There are at least three different vinyl versions (and two CD issues) of that great album. Funny thing is, I never even knew about the third one until your post, so here’s to you. Anyway, here’s what I consider to be the first release, “the way the artist intended it”:

EMI (early) 1982
A1. Flying North
A2. Commercial Breakup
A3. Weightless
A4. Europa And The Pirate Twins    
A5. Windpower
B1. The Wreck Of The Fairchild (segueing nicely into Airwaves)
B2. Airwaves
B3. Radio Silence ('atmospheric' version - I THINK, can’t check for lack of a record player)
B4. Cloudburst At Shingle St.

That was a UK/Europe-only release. It was replaced later that same year with this re-shuffled version:

EMI (late) 1982
A1. She Blinded Me With Science
A2. Radio Silence ('atmospheric' version)
A3. Airwaves
A4. Flying North
A5. Weightless
B1. Europa and the Pirate Twins
B2. Windpower
B3. Commercial Breakup
B4. One of Our Submarines
B5. Cloudburst at Shingle Street

I own both versions, so I’m pretty sure about all this. Urges & Leipzig were never on a European vinyl album release, just as Wreck of the Fairchild was never an a US album release.

Now, check *your* original vinyl version. I’m guessing it was released in the US and/or Canada in 1983, dumping Wreck for Urges and Leipzig and replacing the ‘atmospheric’ Radio Silence with it’s B-side, the ‘poppy’ guitar version.

A1. Europa And The Pirate Twins
A2. Flying North
A3. Weightless
A4. Leipzig
A5. Windpower
B1. Commercial Breakup
B2. Urges   
B3. Airwaves
B4. Radio Silence ('poppy' version)
B5. Cloudburst At Shingle Street

Now I’m not sure of the exact release date. It may have been 1982. Since this early US version clearly builds from the first European release (i.e. not including Submarines and Science) that would seem more logical, placing it in between the European versions. Maybe you should check the album cover.

In any case, Capitol later reverted to the 2nd European version (with Science, Submarines and the atmospheric Radio Silence) as the “final” version, which was also the version issued on CD in 1984. (Though there exists another US CD release with a similar tracklisting, except Airwaves is shorter and Science is an extended version. I once had it, but sold it off the minute I discovered it’s sacriligious nature ;-)

Still with me? The point is simply that yours is the US vinyl version, altered to “fit” the American taste but not actually the true original. Sorry to be all anal about this, but hey, for once I know something about something, so here. Next time I’ll insert more jokes, I promise.

Anyway, glad to see some Dolby activity on the net. Lord knows the man’s not up to much these days...

Cheers from Belgium,

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