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Love Means Eating out of Cans right-click or control-click to download

Mug Me
Girls on Dope
Love Junkie
The Boredom Song
Recorded in 1986 at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin Tx.
Mixed 2003-4 by Chris Vreeland in Logic 6 on a Mac.

(Re-mixed in Logic 8 12-2011)

The Whore$ were:

Morgan Guidry, Guitar, vocals
Chris Vreeland, Bass, Background vocals
Dennis Bruhn, Drums

Photo by Judy Walgren ©1986

3-4-12 Mixes Are Never Final! I've gone back to these songs one last time, removed most of the reverb I put on them originally in '04 & de-tubbified the bass tone. Now substantially improved!

8-15-04 The Mixes Are Now All Final. After a several-month delay (work, life, computer failures annd upgrades) I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished this "thing." I could tinker forever, but I've reached a stage where it's best to just go ahead and declare the mixes final, and move on to the next great thing in life. Once I have cover art, CDs will be for sale at CD Baby, and hopefully on the iTunes Music Store, online. For the time being, they're free for the taking, but I'd be happy to accept donations in exchange for downloads. I think 50 cents per song would be a fair price, but donate what you can, if you can.

I will make this page more prettier as soon as I can.

4-10-04 Girls on Dope is now about final.

4-6-04 Added Girls on Dope rough. Still needs quite a bit of work, but it's at least presentable. It's tubby on the low end, and lacks a certain "sparkle." Some riding gain yet to do on the vox and guitar, too.

7-3-03 Added new song: Just finished Mug me, and begun working on third track.

6-12-03 Updated from rough 5 to rough 9. The bloody 2" tape was all but ruined, and there's just no high-end left. I do think this is a better mix, though.

I'm busy mixing this unfinished 24 track session in Logic 6 as a means of teaching myself how. There's three more songs, basically like these, which I will post here as I finish them. (1-9-03)