Two songs written by Andy Partridge, but never recorded by XTC.

Produced and (Re)arranged by Chris Vreeland
Engineered and Mixed by Mark Hallman
at Congress House Studios, South Austin, Texas
Jan.-Feb. 2001

I Don't Want to be Here

Chris Vreeland: Vocals, Fretless Bass, Telephone
Brian Harmer: Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Joe Funk: Guitar
Dennis Bruhn: Drums, Cabasa
Mark Hallman: Shaker, Tambourine

My Train is Coming

Chris Vreeland: Vocals, Bass
Brian Harmer, 12 string Electric, 12 string Acoustic, Vocals
Joe Funk: Guitar
Dennis Bruhn: Drums, Cowbell
Mark Hallman: Tambourine

John Viehweg stopped by long enough to suggest the cabasa, and remind Brian to tune the Rickenbacker, which was graciously lent to us by "Mambo" John Treanor..

Of course, we stole the middle section of My Train... from the Beatles. If anyone anywhere plays this on the radio, be SURE to send Northern Songs a nickel each time.

I Don't Want to be Here
My Train is Coming
Feel free to download the MP3's. If you're interested in purchasing a regular Audio CD with both songs for the cost of material and shipping, with both songs and my handy homemade cover art, we'll have to do that the low-tech way. email me at with your adress so I can figure shipping, and I'll get back to you with details.

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